Spinal Alignment

We focus on spinal alignment by utilizing objective indicators to determine the presence of structural patterns. If a structural abnormality is found we work to reverse the damage and get to the root cause of many secondary conditions (symptoms). Think of your spine like the foundation of your home, if it is weak then the rest of the building cannot be stable.


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Structural correction will restore the internal framework that serves as the foundation to your body. We have encountered many clients over the years were tired of patching things up only to have them return a few weeks or months later.  If your house were on an unsteady foundation would you want to continually fix the windows, patch up drywall, and continue to nail down the creaky floors every time they appeared?

Our services are for those who are not looking for a patch job.  We pride ourselves on providing a customised solution where clients can not only feel the difference, but maintain their corrections as well.