A small introduction

Dr. Michael O’Connor

Dr. Michael J. O’Connor graduated from SUNY Cortland in 1982 and began to manage prestigious fitness centers across Asia. During his tenure managing the Hyatt fitness centers in Singapore he met his wife, Stephanie and they married in ’86. Dr. O’Connor decided he needed a change of career after a life changing experience with a chiropractor and decided to become one himself. He attended Life University in Marietta, GA. and graduated in 1993 and he has been practicing chiropractic ever since. He started his first practice in Palm Coast, Florida and practiced there for 16 years. However, the travel bug bit him once again and he decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of his – moving to Italy and then settling in Ireland. He set up his first international clinic in Riva del Garda and later moved it to Arco, where he and his family settled for close to 4 years. Being that Michael has strong Waterford roots, he has ultimately landed back home in the land of his ancestors. Michael specializes in diversified technique, Palmer technique, Gonstead, KST, Thompson drop, Occipital Technique, SOT, toggle, activator analysis, & Pettibon.
Dr. O’Connor is one of the most approachable and passionate chiropractors you will ever meet. He loves to see his patients take back their health and helps them change their life for the better. He is not just a chiropractor, but  more like a life and wellness coach.

What Makes Us Different?

Personalized Care

To us, you are a person, not a case.  When we meet, our goal is to heal you as holistically as possible. Full body health does not come with just a nutritional supplement or a periodic adjustment to keep pain at bay.

Patient Education

We provide a system of education that helps you understand the true nature of where your health comes from and how to keep yourself healthy.  This understanding is not just limited to you but embraces your entire family, including your children.  When you know what it really takes to be healthy, you can all lead happier and healthier lives.

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Don’t wait any longer!

Your first visit is where we will take your full health history, you will meet with the doctor, and then be given a full battery of tests to determine the severity of your condition. From there, the doctor will create an individualized treatment plan. On your next visit, we will share with you the results of all the tests, explain what is causing your pain and discomfort, and outline a treatment program complete with a time frame and a cost analysis.