Chiropractic Care For Arthritus

Arthritis of the spine is something that we deal with daily. There are several types of arthritis; however; osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, is the most common arthritis of all. Most everyone over the age of 40 has it to some degree. In some people, it may cause little or no symptoms, whereas in others the symptoms may be severe. OA is usually the result of too much wear and tear or stress on the joints. In the case of the spine, its presence may be a sign that it is out of alignment or balance. It may also be the result of trauma to the spine, especially in the case of past car accidents or other significant injuries in years past.



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Bone growths often seen on x-rays (spurring) are a form of the body’s protection. The body is trying to build up an area by laying down additional bone. Latest research has shown that Chiropractic care can reverse some of the effects of osteoarthritis, something which had previously been considered unfeasible.

Our approach is to determine why the arthritis is in the spine and treat that instead of merely addressing the symptoms. The most common problems, as mentioned above, are misalignment and past trauma. Once the spine’s alignment is improved through specific chiropractic adjustments, the joint will have a great deal of stress removed from it. This results in a more freely movable joint and usually a significant reduction in symptoms. There is also often a reduction in the rate of speed in which the spine is degenerating and of course less pressure of the nervous system in that area, which results in a better functioning nervous system.

When treating arthritis, there are several other factors which may need to be addressed, such as spinal alignment, core muscle stabilization, non-surgical spinal decompression and cold laser. Which is why everyone should have their spine checked from one of our doctors at The Dublin Chiropractic and Disc Centre.

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